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Online Video Consultations via Zoom

Fertility Consultations and Aftercare

Due to the Coronavirus situation, it may feel like everything has to be put on hold, however, there are still many things you can do to impact your fertility and get your body in the best possible place to conceive.


 Fertility consultations are available for both Women and Men over Zoom which will include:

  • Detailed health and gynaecological / urological history taken

  • Review of how this may be impacting your fertility

  • Diet and lifestyle factors and how these can impact your Fertility 

  • Advice on how to best track your cycle to identify ovulation

  • Advice on how tracking your cycle can identify any problems

  • Recommend any testing that may need to be carried out

  • Recommend online testing facilities that can be accessed currently

  • Advice on what your partner can be doing to help their fertility

  • Recommend fertility supplements (some including discount code)

  • Simple hand reflexology techniques to do on yourself

  • Aftercare advice includes detailed notes on diet and lifestyle

  • Aftercare email correspondance

  • For more info on Fertility Reflexology click here

Session length for one person: 1hr

Price: £50

Session length for both partners: 1.5hrs

Price: £75

Fertility Online Consultation Lockdown

Online Fertility Consultation Review

"Abi is amazing. She is warm and approachable but also thoroughly knowledgable and full of incredibly valuable practical advice.

I had my first meeting with Abi online, so I wasn't sure what to expect or if it would be beneficial beyond sharing initial information. 

I found the consultation to be calming and reassuring, but more importantly, full of simple practical tips that I could do myself at home (especially valuable during this period of lockdown!).


By the end of the 60 minutes I was able to do exercises that she suggested, and to follow up on her product recommendations - all of which immediately really helped me to feel more informed and in control of my fertility journey. 


Abi went far and beyond the explanations my GP had given me about Day 3 and Day 21 testing - helping me to understand what my results actually meant and how I could piece those together to come up with a fuller picture of what is going on in my body.


Abi's care has already extended way beyond a single online session - she has sent me tons of information about diet and pre-conception care to help myself and my other half to maximise our chances of conceiving a healthy baby. And she has followed up on any information I have been able to provide about test results etc with the utmost diligence. I can't stress enough how reassuring it is to know that I can ask someone as knowledgeable as Abi for advice.


I would 100% recommend Abi to anyone and literally cannot wait for our first meeting IRL!"

Anon, London

Online Video Consultation Reflexology Fertility

Hand Reflexology Sessions - Self-Reflexology

I am currently offering online, video hand reflexology sessions where I will teach you to perform some simple reflexology techniques on your hands. 


Sessions will be customised depending on your needs and I will send a personalised hand chart post the session for you to keep.  

Session Length: 1hr

Price: £50

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