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Reflexology for Palliative Care


Receiving a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness such as Cancer can be an incredicle shock resulting in huge uncertainty, emotional and physical trauma. 


Reflexology can often help both emotionally and physically to overcoming this shock as well as aiding symptom relief, general well-being and improving quality of life.  Reflexology can help patients feel a sense of taking control and doing something for themselves.


Some benefits to having reflexology as part of palliative care include:



  • Helping to support emotional well-being and often improving quality of life

  • Helping to relieve anxiety, stress and depression which often go hand-in-hand with a life-threatening illness such as cancer (for both patient and carer) therefore helping them with their ability to cope

  • Improving sleep pattern

  • Reducing pain

  • Boosting the immune system

  • Assisting the body to heal post surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy which may have caused tissue damage

  • Reducing swelling (oedema)

  • Being non-invasive therefore not requiring the patient to remove all their clothing (just socks and shoes) and not invading personal space in the way some other complementary therapies may

  • Allowing the one-to-one set up to be used as either time for relaxation or communication with an ear to listen to the patient

  • Balancing the body

  • Boosting energy levels

Comforting person with cancer

Reflexology for Palliative Care Treatments

Initial treatments will begin with a health, diet and lifestyle consultation to help develop a personalised treatment plan. Treatment times can be adapted to suit your needs. If preferred, treatments can take place in your bed or wherever you feel most comfortable.  Whilst treatments are generally on the feet, hand reflexology can be used as an alternative if preferred.


For information on Cancer diagnosis and support please visit Macmillan Cancer Support

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