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Reflexology for Sportspeople


Reflexology can have a positive impact on an athlete’s performance, physical and emotional health by helping to reduce pain, speed-up the recovery process from injuries and by encouraging overall relaxation.


The main ways in which reflexology can help sports people:


Removing Lactic Acid.  According to research at Bonash University, Australia, Reflexology can remove lactic acid from the legs four times faster than massage thereby helping painful legs following high-impact sports.


Reducing Pain. Reflexology can help reduce pain often experienced from sports injuries such as knee pain, tendonitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, shoulder pain, hypermobility or neuroma.  As reflexology is a natural, non-intrusive therapy it is ideal for athletes who wish to avoid the use of drugs.  It can also help clients to avoid surgery or reduce the recovery time post-surgery.  If you have an injury that is too painful to treat on the foot directly, then it is possible to work on the hand instead (the referral area of the foot).



People exercising on treadmill



Reducing Stress and promoting relaxation. Reflexology helps to de-stress and relax both the body and mind. Whilst acute, short-term stress may be beneficial to an athlete as it helps to increases the rush of adrenalin, too much stress or chronic stress may result in tight muscles or reduced function in the cardiovascular system.  Following a reflexology treatment, muscles may feel looser and improved blood flow helps to ensure the cardiovascular system is brought into balance.  If you are competing in an event such as a marathon, it is best to have a reflexology treatment 2-3 days in advance to ensure adrenalin is not affected.


Promoting better sleep. Reflexology encourages the body to fall into a deep state of relaxation which often results in the client's sleep patterns improving following treatments.  Sleep helps to ensure the body returns to its natural balance and improve muscle tension or injuries.  Too much exercise can also impact sleep and reflexology can therefore help reduce sleeplessness.

Sports knee injury

Increasing Blood Circulation to Injured area.  Reflexology helps to boost blood flow and circulation bringing nutrients, water, oxygen and all essential materials to an injured area, helping it to mend. It also helps to expel waste and toxins from the body quicker. Through improving circulation, reflexology can aid relief from, as well as helping to prevent, injuries such as cramps and spasms.


Managing Inflammation. Some inflammation is necessary to help protect an injured area. However, sometimes too much physical activity and exertion can actually lead to chronic inflammation or a stress response resulting in further medical issues. Reflexology can help manage inflammation and ensure that the body does not reach this stage.

Reflexology for Sportspeople Treatments

Treatments begin with a Health and Lifestyle Consultation which will help me to design a bespoke treatment plan for you, whether that be to help with specific muscular aches and pains or to simply help you relax. As with all reflexology treatments, I will aim to bring the body back to balance. At the end of the session we will discuss any homecare advice and discuss any further sessions that may be requried.

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